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3 Beckford Street, Spanish Town, Jamaica

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Experience Dignified Funeral Ceremonies

Immerse yourself in a traditional funeral service that aligns with your religious beliefs and honors cherished customs. Gain valuable insights by consulting our knowledgeable directors.

Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 5 PM

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Media Obituaries

1000+ Memorable pages
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Mourning Support

We provide resources to help you cope with your loss
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Funeral Planning

Full, seamless, and comprehensive ceremony organization with expert services.
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Funeral Templates

An inclusive range of essential funeral services and supplies.
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our team


Receive compassionate and dedicated support at every stage of the process from our highly skilled team of experienced funeral directors, service managers, and assistants.

Alvin A. Davis

Certified Mortician & CEO

Adeline Davis

Funeral Director

Judith A. Williams

Marketing Director / International Liason
What We Do

We Can Help You in Different Situations

In the face of life's unexpected challenges, it's crucial to know that you're not alone. We want to assure you - no matter what your circumstances may be - our team stands ready to guide you every step of the way. From the first moment you reach out to us, you'll be met with warmth, understanding, and the professional expertise you need.
Our team's passion goes beyond merely providing a service; we're committed to creating a safe and comforting space where you feel heard and understood.

Whether you're dealing with the loss of a loved one or planning for the future, our compassionate approach ensures your needs are met with sensitivity and respect.

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Hundres of families have found solace and peace in our respectful and compassionate cremation services.

Funeral Services

With over 8,000 traditional funeral services tenderly delivered, we’ve been a pillar of strength, support, and solace for families in their times of profound loss.


What People Say

Whenever we’ve needed support in those challenging moments, Young’s Funeral Home has always been our trusted choice. We’re consistently impressed by their compassionate approach and excellent service; they truly know how to take care of our loved ones with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Dr. Karen Phillipps


At Young’s Funeral Home, the level of service has always been nothing short of exemplary. It’s comforting to know we’re in the hands of such a reputable establishment during those poignant moments.

Robert Miller, MP


In our moments of need, Young’s Funeral Home has consistently offered exceptional service, going above and beyond our expectations. Their professional approach paired with expert advice has been invaluable, providing solace in times when it’s needed the most.

Michelle Wilson-Reynolds


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Jamaica —
3 Beckford Street
Spanish Town, St. Catherine

+1 876 984 2426


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