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Certified Mortician & CEO

Emotional Intelligence
Reliability and Responsibility
Honesty and Integrity

Oour esteemed CEO, Alvin A. Davis, carries the torch of commitment and professionalism at Young’s Funeral Home. As an accomplished graduate of Calabar High School, the Institute of Management Sciences (IMS), and Gupton Jones College of Funeral Services in Atlanta, Georgia, Mr. Davis’s exceptional educational pedigree sets the tone for our standard of service.

Holding an Associate Degree in Mortuary Sciences, his robust academic achievements include a successful tenure as the Secretary of the Students Council and a notable certification from the State Board of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America. These accomplishments underscore his deep understanding of the industry and his dedication to continuous learning.

But Mr. Davis’s expertise extends beyond the realm of funeral services. As a respected Justice of the Peace, he embodies a commitment to fairness and justice that infuses our operations. Moreover, his role as a compassionate Financial and Life Insurance Advisor illustrates his sincere interest in securing the future and success of his clients.

In Alvin Davis, Young’s Funeral Home has a leader whose multi-faceted capabilities, empathetic approach, and unwavering dedication continue to guide us in serving our clients with the utmost professionalism and care.


Meet Alvin A. Davis, a multifaceted professional who skillfully bridges the worlds of law, mortuary science, and financial advisory. With formal certification as a Justice of the Peace, Alvin upholds the pillars of justice, standing as a trusted pillar in the community. As a Certified Mortician, he offers his profound empathy and meticulous expertise, assisting families during their most challenging times. Further extending his commitment to service, Alvin is also a Licensed Financial and Life Insurance Advisor, helping individuals safeguard their futures and secure their peace of mind. Alvin A. Davis - Your ally in justice, a guiding light in times of loss, and your architect for financial security.


3 Beckford Street, Spanish Town
St. Catherine, Jamaica

+1 876 984 2426


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